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I might be missing something since I'm just trying things out things because I'm stuck on a mission, but every time I enter an auth code on a certain external system the game just freezes at a black screen.

Hi there - sounds like a bug nobody's seen before! Sorry about that. 

If you can tell me what the system is then I'll look into it. 

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Trying to avoid spoilers for people, doesn't seem to be a spoiler tag though. When I connect to the stratcom XT server I can break in and get the auth code prompt, but anything I enter there appears to freeze it. This happened in Chrome before I downloaded it on itch, happens there too.

OK, no problem - that is a known bug.  Basically, if you get the right answer there, that won't happen - the bug only occurs with the wrong input.

Cool, thanks. Now if I can just deduce how to capture login info. :)

i finished the game and it is amazing! thank you for making this!

Thank you! That's great

I can't get in to the school system. I found SEM and STRU but can't run the commands. is it connect? cuz that doesn't wor

they are com codes not commands

An interesting game! But maybe you could add an option to make all text show instantly?


That's not possible with this current version sadly but it is something I'd like to do if there's an opportunity in a future version.

Heard about this on Making Games is Fun.

About 10 minutes in I was thinking this seems ok, not much to it.  Then...

The game opens up and Wow.  Loving it.  Still working my way through it.  Have a damned excel spreadsheet and notepad open while playing this. lol


That's awesome to hear - glad you're enjoying it!

I made a video on this game. I loved the general idea behind it.

Good luck with it!


That's great - thanks!