"Compulsive...It's elegant stuff, with the manner in which you interact with the interface recalling the way certain words or phrases activate long-forgotten reaches of the memory." (Edge)

About the game

Wardialler is a narrative game about hacking.  It's a free interactive companion piece to the album of the same name by nervous_testpilot.

How do I hear the music?

To listen to the game's soundtrack, you'll need to purchase or stream it from one of the following places:

Apple Music

...or just search your store of choice.

Support Wardialler and Other Projects

I'm able to spare some time to work on less commercial stuff like this thanks tthe invaluable support of my Patrons. If you like the game, please consider joining them.

Or, if you'd like to sling some cash my way as a one-off, feel free to  sling me a donation here on Itch.  Many thanks!


Type "credits" in-game to see the credits!


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I can't get in to the school system. I found SEM and STRU but can't run the commands. is it connect? cuz that doesn't wor

they are com codes not commands

An interesting game! But maybe you could add an option to make all text show instantly?


That's not possible with this current version sadly but it is something I'd like to do if there's an opportunity in a future version.

Heard about this on Making Games is Fun.

About 10 minutes in I was thinking this seems ok, not much to it.  Then...

The game opens up and Wow.  Loving it.  Still working my way through it.  Have a damned excel spreadsheet and notepad open while playing this. lol


That's awesome to hear - glad you're enjoying it!

I made a video on this game. I loved the general idea behind it.

Good luck with it!


That's great - thanks!